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2 nd SSRSC 2009 …RACE Invitation

Saturday-Sunday 4-5 April 2009

Place & Track …info

Team21’s 155’ PP Blue King in Mönsterås Sweden, the track is here on the map.
Andy Wasserman will be racedirecting

Classes / Timetable …glue-conditions, race-power, entry fee’s

Friday – practice from 15.00 h to 23.00h , with a break for applying spray-glue conditions for Box12.
Saturday – Box12  + OMG7 + ev G7-quarters , track opens at 07.30  , first start at 08.30 h .
Sunday – G7 , track opens at 07.30 h , first start at 08.30 h .

Box12 will be raced on spray-glue, all other classes on full glue.
Banana plugs with Swedish- or Parma-colours., race-power will be 13,2 Volt.
All classes: Entry fee 100 SEK (or 10 Euro)


All drivers should register via email to: , not later then Mars 31  2009 .


Cottage at Oknö – not available before May 1st this year's a shame

Rent a cheap flat in the center of Mönsterås.
Telephone +46-499-49100

 Kronmunken - hotell at E22 ~2km south of Mönsterås.
Telephone +46-499-44135

Höjdens Lågprishotell - 300m from the track.
Telephone +46-499-12080

Strandgläntan, hostel - in Timmernabben ~10km south along the coast.
Telephone +46-499-23108

Info och more info

More info to come, look at the Team21 Forum SlotPeace or at …or contact Bengt +46-706480542 or


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